Saturday, March 14, 2009

I remember when i was 4,5,6 years old my sisters always listening on radio with a loud volume. The whole house and the neighborhood can listen to it. Imagine how loud it is? anyway neighboors dont complain cos we are the only one got stereo turntable that time,( they have free music he he.) and thats every morning while she's cleaning the house. I still remember i dance with tha fast songs and i sing when its slow songs with my small hand acting playing piano. Do you know how it affects me? Im very surprised that sometimes there are songs that i know, like we always say im familiar with the songs and songs are easy for me to remember, easy to register in my mind when im practicing. Thats means exposing babies from young to music is a good memory training in many ways. In my case, it makes me inlove with singing and entertainment.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My life as a singer...

Im James.... a singer.. for life. I loved to sing so much cos i believed i can sing. at first no one believed in me. Nobody listen to me. Even my family are tired of listening to my noise everyday. its really very hard to start and to convience people around me to appreciete my talent. I was 17 when i started crazy of singing. A very close friend that i admired so much makes me be in the music industry. She is a very good singer and every time she sings makes me dream to be like her. watching good singers actually makes every one dreamed. How to be like them? how come they can sing like that? How to do it? many questions???honestly singing is not easy, everybody can sing, but is it correct? adorable, amazing or irritating. You really have to be in , put yourself in there, your heart and soul to get in there...inside the song. if you can do that you are the real pro. singer. Singing is like acting. you talk thru singing and you have to feel and understand what you are singing.
Starting learning singing is very hard. esp. when you dont have any training. but some are born gifted.

Now here's my story. full is James Ramiro Sumilang, 2nd to the youngest of the 10 seblings of Mr. Lucrecio Llunar Sumilang and Juliana Tadiosa Ramiro. Born in Tayabas,Quezon now Tayabas City, a place that i feel very relax, easly life and far from tensions and inhibations. Life in Tayabas is very peaceful, a place of a real nature, they called it coconut town, near the Mt. Banahaw. A mountain bringing the town a cool weather, natural drinking cool water and that makes everyone there a part of the nature and leading them to have interest in arts and culture.
And Im one of them and I believed singing is an art. Filipinos all over the world recognized as a good artists and performers(singer, musician,actor) saying its in the blood and I believed i have it. the secret actually is sencerity, devotion and the most important is you loved what you are doing.

Friday, December 19, 2008


Thanks to mamaganda for creating this blog for me.

It's my 1st time blogging.
You'll learn more about me and music that revolves around me in my daily lives.

Please keep coming back to my blog and leave a comment.